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City Council Woman Avoiding Service

City Council Woman Avoiding Service In San Bernardino California, the city recall group says that a council woman is dodging service.  The Groups says Wendy McCammack has hidden from process servers and lied about who she was to the process server.  Her avoidance interferes with the timelines to get recalls for all seven council members, […]

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Serving Hollywood

Serving Hollywood How hard can it be to serve a person a summons or subpoena.  I do it all the time.  But serving a big Hollywood actor, might give you some trouble.  They are usually jet-setting to different countries for shoots or vacation and the papers usually have a time limit.  The attorneys who attempted service on […]

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Assault with Airsoft gun?

In Sacramento California, Nicholas Stenberg shot a process server with an airsoft rifle more than 20 times in the face and chest after the process server attempted to serve his girlfriend.  The process server then maced Mr. Stenberg.  After that, Mr. Stenburg then broke the process servers window of her car and threw mud and […]

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