CEO Accused of Hitting Process Server with New Range Rover

A 64-year-old process server and grandmother has accused Brent Brown, the CEO of Latitude 360 of attempting to strike her with his Range Rover.  The process server was attempting to serve Mr. Brown at his gated San Marco home.  The process server claims that she saw him coming down the driveway of his gated home and she attempted to get him to stop and he would not and barreled brownher over.  The process server shot video of the aftermath on her cellular phone.  Mr. Brown accused the process server of attacking her while he was in his $100,000.00+ vehicle traveling fast down his driveway.  On the video you can hear them conversing…

“You’re going to be in trouble for trying to run over somebody,” said the process server in that video.

“Yeah, right,” said Brown.

“You hurt my elbow. I’ve got a scrape on my elbow,” said the woman.

“You attacked me. You slammed my car, damaged my car,” said Brown.

The video can be heard at the below link.

“Why would you try to hurt somebody that’s just trying to serve you with papers?” Lisa says. “You obviously know you got everybody in town suing you.”  Mr. Brown has been sued a dozen times for his handling of company funds.  He apparently owes millions of dollars to employees, contractors, landlords and lenders.  All of these people have or are suing him which requires him to be served legal documents.  Some have received judgments which they are attempting to collect.

On this occasion when hitting the process server, Mr. Brown was on the way to a deposition because his company has not paid the $100,000.00 judgment it owes its CFO Craig Phillips.  I guess Mr. Brown spent the money on his Range Rover or flights to Dubai.  Upon his arrival to the deposition the media arrived to question Mr. Brown about his assault of the process server.

Brown stood up and walked out of the deposition.

rr“I refuse to sit here and do a deposition in front of the media,” said Brown.

As he walked away, Action News Jax questioned him about the process server’s accusations.

“I was attacked,” said Brown. “She jumped on my car.… I’ve already called, contacted police.”