Johnny Manziel Served

manziel-1Ex-Cleveland Quarterback Johnny Maziel was served legal documents while leaving a Los Angeles hot spot.  The process server handed Manziel the papers while he was getting ready to enter into his Rolls Royce.  “Hey, Johnny, you have been served man,” said the process server.  Johnny replied “Thank you bro, I appreciate it.”  Manziel picked his legal documents up off of the ground and proceeded to enter his vehicle.  Johnny was heading to another club to party some more and eventually left with a female who was described as hot.  At the next club Johnny said “We will deal with that at a different time, It will all work itself out, I promise you that.”

The law suit stems from Manziel renting a $4 million dollar mansion in April of this year and allegedly committed over $30,000.00 in damages to the property.  The property owner Nicholas Goodwin is asking for $40,000.00 in damages that include “stains on the carpet from wine and cigarettes, a broken bathroom door and a shattered glass table. Included in the trashed mansion, alcohol and drugs were left behind.”  It sounds like Maziel had a rave or really wild party at the mansion.  Please see below for the video showing Manziel being served the papers.

manziel2All of this comes after Manziel’s NFL career is in jeopardy as he was just released from the Cleveland Browns and has not re-signed with any other team.

Manziel’s lawyer, Jeremy Fowler, said that his client is focused on getting back onto the field.  “His immediate plans are to start getting ready for football,” Darnell said.  “we are working on it.”


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