Does Ramsey Bolten live in Travis County, Texas?

Does Ramsey Bolten live in Travis County, Texas?  The same county as the Texas Chainsaw Massacre.

erinA process server attempting to deliver some legal documents to a defendant was mauled and killed by a pack of dogs in Travis County Texas last week.  36 year old Erin McCleskey was an independent contractor for EZ messenger and was at the front gate of a rural property in Northeast Travis County.

The caretaker arrived home to see what had happened and phoned the police.  Deputies arrived and pronounced her dead at 9:00 PM.  The Medical examiner determined she had been dead for approximately 5 hours.

The neighbors are now scared for their lives and for the lives of their children, pets and property.  If they would attack a 36 year old woman they would probably attack anyone. Melissa Ballard, neighbor said, “They come out and chase them if they are riding their bikes and stuff and even the cars, they chase us in the cars. They do jump on everything. Yeah I don’t trust them, they’re scary. I don’t even like my dogs going around the block with us because I’m afraid that they will get attacked down there.”

McCleskey’s family released a statement Thursday night:
“Our family is heart-broken over the tragic passing of our affectionate, fun-loving daughter, Erin. She was an adventurous woman who always lived her life to the fullest and never shied away from a challenge. Erin loved people and had a special affection for animals. Her infectious laughter will be missed by her family and friends. Life will never be the same without her.”

Police impounded 6 dogs and noted 14 puppies were also at the property.  Authorities are investigating her death, but since the owner of the dogs did not sick the dogs on the process server it is unlikely they will be prosecuted.

We at Austin Pets Alive! are deeply disturbed and saddened by the news of the tragic death of Erin McCleskey.  From what we understand, the six dogs involved were living as a pack, with little to no human interaction, and were used solely for the purposes of breeding. No human even resided at the residence. Forcing six sexually intact adult dogs to live in isolation, deprived of proper socialization, training, and enrichment is a recipe for aggression and disaster. This is how you create dangerous dogs.