Woman Pleads Guilty to Assault for Shooting Gun at Process Server

Woman Pleads Guilty to Assault for Pointing Gun at Process Server

Shirley Bolton plead guilty to first-degree assault in Columbia, Maryland for shooting a gun at a process server.  Ms. Bolton is scheduled to be sentenced in November.


If you remember from our old Blog, Don’t Shoot The Messenger, Ms Bolton was at her sister, Linda Bolton’s,  home.  A private process server was attempting service at Linda Bolton’s house.  As he came to the door, the door swung open and Shirley Bolton aimed a black 9m handgun at the private process server’s head and fired, narrowly missing him.  The process server ran behind his car pleading for his life as Ms. Bolton threatened to kill him.  Linda called the police.  Upon the police arrival, Shirley Bolton initially refused to drop her weapon, but then did upon threats from the police.

The private process server did not know either of the Bolton’s before this incident.

Please keep watch at my Blog to see how many months or years Ms. Bolton will receive in November.


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