Process Server Shot at in Maryland

A civil process server in Westminster Maryland was attempting to serve process on Christian Shenk.  Mr. Shenk identified himself and accepted the papers from the process server.  shenkThe process server then went to leave by entering his automobile and saw Mr. Shenk leaving his garage with a long barrel rifle.  Upon returning to his vehicle the process server heard several gun shots.  The process server then called the police.  Police arrived and noticed several gunshot holes in the process server’s car.  Mr. Shenk was then taken into custody for second-degree attempted murder, use of firearm/crime of violence, reckless endangerment and first-degree assault.  He should also be charged with assaulting a process server, as this should be law in every state.  In Illinois, a state we also serve in, the law makes assaulting a process server a felony.  “According to Public Act 097-0313, it is considered aggravated assault and a felony for a person to assault an individual known to be a person authorized to serve process under Section 2-202 of the Code of Civil Procedure or a special process server appointed by the circuit court while that individual is in the performance of his or her duties as a process server.”