Orlando’s Russ Robins sued by estranged wife for fake on air process serving bit.

Orlando’s Russ Robins sued by estranged wife for fake on air process serving bit.

The estranged wife of iHeart Radio/ORLANDO morning host RUSS ROLLINS says that his January 30th bit claiming to have been served divorce papers on the air wasn’t “real” enough, and she’s hired attorney Gloria Allred to sue him and the station over it.

monsterThe allegations stem from his estranged wife wanting the divorce to be a private matter.   Russ Rollins hired a process server to affix service on him on the air during his morning radio show “Monsters in the Morning.”  This prompted social media frenzy toward Sandra Boomer over the fake service.

Boomer filed suit after the station issued a correction.  her lawyer noted at the press conference, “Samantha has been forced to suffer unfair and defamatory broadcast bullying for too long from those who would use the power of the microphone as a weapon against her.”  She called this bully broadcasting.

Boomer said that Rollins and the station “decided to take something that is painful, personal and private and make it public entertainment for profit and ratings.  This public disgrace and embarrassment has caused so much pain and disruption that I had to contemplate moving my family from the community that I love.”

Rollins’ lawyer  told the paper that the suit is groundless because what Rollins said was true and added that the couple actually began divorce proceedings in 2014 and reached a settlement, but tried a reconciliation that failed, prompting the second filing by Boomer.

They both signed a settlement agreement that dealt with assets and alimony but they wanted to try and reconcile and didn’t finalize the first divorce, he said.

It didn’t work out, and Boomer filed for divorce again in January 2015 in an effort to escape that agreement.

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