Process Service on TV?

Process service has become a part of everyday life.  It even has a main plot line in the CBS show “The Good Wife.”  Diane, the main character is at a museum when she is hit on by a gentleman who then serves her papers.  The process server then serves all of the other main characters with papers for a divorce they handled earlier in the show.  This is a good example of what process servers do on a daily basis, identify the person served, be friendly and serve the papers as to not create confrontation.  However later in the show it shows the process server man-handling a guy who he was serving.  This is not what happens every day in process service.  I have been serving process for over 10 years and have been swung on but never hit and never injured anyone, I just avoided the punches, verbal assaults and left the scene.  I have never been in situation where I felt the only way to serve someone was to man-handle them. This is crazy and I call bullshit on the writers.

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